EVS in Action
2008-11-10 - 2008-11-17,
תיאור הפרויקט:

This training course will bring together 24 youth workers, youth activists and volunteers working in different youth NGOs in Europe and the Mediterranean region, who wish to learn more about EVS in particular. The training course will last 7 days and will take place in Ashdod-Israel. The overall aim of the training is to contribute to the quality improvement of EVS projects in the Mediterranean region and in the EU and strengthen the cooperation between the EU and Mediterranean organizations involved in EVS. The specific objectives of the project are set around the areas of the practical EVS project management, support measures for the volunteers and the mentorship approach. The participants will also have opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experience in the area of youth work and voluntary service and in particular on how to motivate the volunteers to take active approach during their voluntary service period, on the support methods they use in encouraging the volunteers in preparing their own projects during the voluntary service period. Moreover, a specific part of the training will be dedicated to the evaluation and follow up methodology for EVS projects. The training will be based on experiential learning methods. The programme will include introduction activities, plenary sessions leading to working groups, closing plenary sessions, some field exercise and case studies. It is expected that the participants together with the support of trainers will prepare a web site that at a later stage will serve as a forum of cooperation, tool for exchange of experience, know-how and information among the participating organisations and possibly other NGOs who would find out about the web from those who participated at this training.