Euromed youth Platform - Malta
2008-06-04 - 2008-06-08,
Project description:

Activity type: EuroMed Youth Platform Relaunch and National Youth Federation Initiative Target group:Multipliers, Youth leaders, Youth Workers, Youth in the EuroMed Region From participants from:EU Member States, MEDA Countries (Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morrocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt Group Size: 26 Venue: Malta Details:The EuroMed Youth Platform saw the need to create a coordinated approach and network between youth NGOs on a national level in the MEDA region and to strengthen these organisations, the NGO movement and civil society. A National Youth Federation Initiative Meeting was initiated in December 2007 in Alexandria, Egypt. After the success and enthusiasm of the participants to set up NYFs, the need arose to follow-up on the initiative already taken while further developing the mind maps and focusing more on the needs and concrete actions to pursue.