A Tolerant Discovery of New Different Cultures
2009-07-01 - 2009-07-08, A Tolerant Discovery of New Different Cultures
Project description:

The total of 30 Lithuanian and Israeli young people will meet together in Troskunai Culture and Education Centre, where the cultural youth exchange project „A Tolerant Discovery of New Different Cultures“ will take place.
The meeting will take place for 7 days (01-08, July 2009). The goal of this project is to foster intercultural knowledge and create an open society of active young citizens and to educate tolerant attitudes towards different culture, religion and society. The programme will consist of stimulation of intercultural communication, intercultural dialogue and tolerance. The project will take place in Lithuania, therefore the participants will have a possibility to get to know Lithuanian culture and people. There will be a trip to the second city of Lithuania, Kaunas, which has quite a lot of culturally and historically distinct places, e.g., IXth Fort museum. The young people will also visit the Tolerance centre in Kolping college, Kaunas churches, Kaunas Synagugue, get to know the history of Jews in Lithuania and visit other historically distinct places. The other part of the programme will take place in Troskunai Culture and Education Centre, where Israeli and Lithuanian youth will present their national culture through creative methods, active participation and non-formal education methods. There will be work groups and discussions on the topics of tolerance, intercultural communication, cultural nights and various games giving possibility to better get to know each other.