Amber is a colour too, Hungary
2009-07-15 - 2009-07-20,
Project description:

The title of our project is: „Amber is a colour, too”

Our association wants to share its experience and meat with Youth NGOs from Meda and EU. The Seminar will bring together potential partners from Meda and EU and will to enlarge our product music. You can see the result of our one of the first commune song in Amber Seminar: . The project ideas were to collected different kinds of EuroMed acoustic patterns. When we evaluated our Seminar we though next year (2009) we can enlarged with other new commune songs and we can give small concert in Dévaványa it will a Drum Festival and in main Place ‘Piac tér’ in Debrecen in Hungary!!! So „Amber is the colour” we worked with rock music of EuroMed region and this occassion we would like to focus on world music.



1        To use methods of music in youth work in EuroMed projects

2        To enlarged our first product music/songs (‘Soda’, ‘You and me’….)

3        Talking about media and music

4        To give the participants the possibility to perform their work

5        Intercultural learning through world and folk music

6        The role of voluntary in the music group

7        The music and disavanteged people

8        The feeling of the music in our daily life

9        The english language importence in music

10   To create a common sense of environment among participants.