Empowerment 4 Interaction
2009-08-02 - 2009-08-09,
Project description:

A training course for 24 young leaders from 6 countries (4 participants per country – MEDA and Baltic), dealing with empowering young people in their local communities to be active. The training will last 8 days and will take place in Lithuania, June 19-28, 2009.
Estonia, Israel, Jordan, Lithuanina, Latvia, Palestinian authority.
In all participating countries we face the same situation – it is a lack of young leaders to empower/ coach young people in their local community to be active members of a society and aware of the processes around them, eager to take actions for improvements, being responsible. As well it is important to outline that young people, especially in rural areas lack of information on opportunities presented in an attractive/ catching/ inspiring way.
This training course aims to develop the competence of youth leaders working with enchasing youth participation in local communities in Baltic and Mediterranean countries and to enable them to act as youth leaders for youth participation and initiate common projects in this field
• To develop the leaders’ knowledge and competence in key concepts of leadership and community development in participating countries for activating their local communities
• To review and address the essential competencies, skills and attitudes for leaders working with youth participation
• To create a space for sharing good practices, tools about leadership in Baltic and Mediterranean countries
• To apply the gained competencies instead of knowledge in field work with local communities/ NGOs during the training course;
• To encourage intercultural communication and better understanding between youth leaders representing Baltic and Mediterranean regions;
• To explore the specificities and points of commonality of the different realities with youth participation and leadership in Baltic and Mediterranean countries
• To build a network of young leaders for future cooperation and share the gained knowledge and experience, enforce the quality of future projects in the field of youth participation
• To prepare local, regional and international activities for increasing participation of youth in the participating countries
Following topics will be covered during the TC:
• community management processes (soft skills on leadership - HR, time management, crisis management, communication management, etc)
• team-building (group dynamics)
• empowerment (+ coaching)
• tools/ methods/ approaches on leadership for enhancing participation on local level
• elements of intercultural understanding
• raising knowledge about youth policies in participating countries
• applying the gained knowledge in practice