Volunteering in Israel

Mentally disabled youngsters - a home for 20 youngsters between the ages of 12 to 18 which are coming from very different backgrounds. The aim of the hostel is to provide a post-hospitalization period for this unique population and assist them in finding the right way in their life. The volunteer program is based on cultural social care and various activities such as drama, musical, sport, animals, etc which are given in their free time. The special activities taken in the hostel help the youth open themselves to each other, gives them the space to make relations and talk about their problems. The EVS volunteer will join the hostel staff and will contribute by bringing a new spirits and ideas of intercultural exchange for the benefit of these youths.

The youth center was funded in order to supply new horizons to the youth from all the city. The youth of the city are coming from very different backgrouds, part immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia that are exposed to an atmosphere of violence, non-tolerance and low quality of life. The meeting center for the youth, opened in all the afternoons for several hours five days a week, is providing a warm and confidential atmosphere where youth are able to know each others and share their special interests in various issues as music, video editing, art, and drama. The center helps them develop their skills, and give them the ability to overcome the obstacles they may face in their adults life. Foreign volunteer will bring to the center a new idea of intercultural exchange for the benefit of this youths. All the activities of the volunteers are leaded and supported by a professional staff of workers.

The elderly home - the people living in the home, looking for daily activities in order to have quality of social life. There are many activities taken in the elderly house such as cooking groups, painting groups and computer lesson. In this project we would like to give the elderly people the experience of creating their own work and show it to the outer community of the city. A proffesional staff in the elderly home which is already involved in the making of the art group, will be incharge on the volunteer will help to carry these activities and will assist in all the perliminary works, as well as helping in creating and following the group of art. Moreover, the volunteer will learn about the social life of the old people in the place, understand their needs and create a usefull relations between the elderly population and himself. The volunteer will assist to make happy life of the old people, and share with them magical moments in their life.

Animal Shelter - treats animals and nature preserving. There are many activities of the organisation in preserving the local nature and enviroment, with groups of local young volunteer and professional staff. In the proposed project we will give the volunteer the skills to make weekly seminars for youth groups in order to educate them about animals which are living in the centre. The seminars will include lectures and physicly contact with various animals and interactive tasks for the youth such as feeding. The volunteer will bring a new dimension of intercultural sharing for youth groups from both populations. All the activities may done with all the help and support of the local professional staff.