International Seminar for Students
2010-04-23 - 2010-05-03,
Project description:

CfA: International Seminar for Students „The Jewish Yishuv in Reichenbach/Dzierzoniów in Lower Silesia after the Second World War- Individual and Collective Memories“, 23.04. - 03.05. 2010, Kreisau/ Krzyżowa, Poland
After the Second World War, Jewish survivors of the Holocaust began to settle in larger numbers in Lower Silesia which until 1945 had been German. Apart from Wroclaw, Reichenbach/ Dzierzoniow was one of the centres where Jews established their own cooperative structures within a very short time. The settlers were divided into two groups: those who wished to found a Jewish community, a Yishuv, in Poland, while others regarded the new settlements as transit posts where they could prepare for exile. After the pogrom in Kielce in 1946 the second group outbalanced the first by far. With this project we want to explore how relations were between the old German population and the incoming Jewish and non-Jewish residents – mostly Polish re-settlers from the Eastern territories- and how they lived together. Added to this we will try to determine in how far this period was decisive for the later emigrating Jews and the former German inhabitants of Reichenbach and which importance it has today for the resident Polish population which has clearly dominated since 1949/50.
The seminar is designed for students up to 26 years of age and is part of a project conducted by the “Geschichtswerkstatt Europa”. The seminar will be held in the International Youth Meeting Centre of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding (, with a number of excursions to Breslau/Wroclaw and Reichenbach/Dzierzoniow to complete the programme. An exhibition will be created at the end of the seminar. The working language is English, however, knowledge of German and Polish is strongly desired (as many sources are available only in these languages).
Fees: Fees for accommodation, programme and travel will be covered by the organising institution. (Following prior consultation some participants might be asked to cover a share of their travel costs themselves)